I’m Barabás M. Viktória aka Lini or Linire. I was born in Hungary, but currently living in Oulu, Finland. I was always interested in creating things.


I have been working as a photographer since 2010, first in Budapest, Hungary, and then also in Finland.
In Hungary my main genre was modelshoots: fashion, beauty, portraits and conceptual. Every now and then I also had some concert and event photoshoots.
Since I moved to Finland I started to do nature and landscape photography again.

Digital Art

I don’t consider myself as a digital artist. I do photomanipulations in my freetime for fun and experimenting. Although sometimes people ask me, I don’t make photomanipulations for order.


I don’t really remember when it started, I was always interested in creating things.
Apart from the goldsmithing I never really studied any handicraft or painting or else. I still fell so sorry, that I couldn’t work as a goldsmith but probably that’s the reason why I started to try out different techniques. First I had the photography, but when I moved to Finland I couldn’t really do modelshoots, mostly because of the language differences. On the other hand I more liked to work on my own, organizing and working with different team on photoshoots was quite hard for me many times.
I tried out a few things, like wires and textiles and sometimes I still work with these materials, but my favorite nowadays is the polymer clay.


In 2012 at Oulu University of Applied Sciences I could learn a bit of bookbinding. I have great passion for books, so I really enjoyed to learning the basics of bookbinding and for that I’m really grateful to Jorma Niemitalo. Sadly I don’t have my own workshop and in absence of the tools I cannot do that work anymore, at least not right now.

Stained glass

In 2013 I participated on a three day course in Lasitaide Runolinna’s workshop, it was a gift from a friend and I was really glad that I could try out the basics of glass works. Although I already have some tools I still don’t really have a place where I could work, but I hope someday I will have my own workshop where I would have a corner for those stained glass works, so I can start to do it again.


From 2005 until 2008 I was studing at Budapest Service and Crafts Vocational School as a goldsmith. During the time I spent in the workshop I had the opportunity to do other things next to the required works, you can see those on the “Other and Old” page.
Although I never had a chance to actually work as a goldsmith, those years were a beautiful period of my life. I really loved to work with metal and it was really nice to have some insight to this profession. Many times I miss those days.


In this page can see a basic comprehensive collection of my work: handicraft works, photography, photomanipulations and all the other various thing I do.
For more check my other pages.